Oct 042014

Sunday, December 14, 2014 from 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM (EST)

This class will be a fast introduction on not only how to set up and use your Pi but how to program it to do something useful and fun.  Blink an LED?  Move a motor?  Read a switch?   All great and there are other things like Arduino that do a good job at this.  Where the Pi shines is that it is also a “real” computer and makes it easy to get information from the internet and to share information.

Be sure to purchase the $60 Pi kit with this class, tickets are here:


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Aug 052013
It’s time for another MakeIt Better Day! 

We will be organizing work areas and tools, setting up new features (like a high-end explosion proof negative pressure chamber), improving infrastructure, and cleaning out useless junk to make room for useful junk!  We have plenty of projects planned out, we just need you to lend a hand.  Whether you have more experience than Bob Vila, or aren’t clear on which end of a hammer to hold, there’s something for you to do.  Anyone is welcome!

Saturday, August 17th
10AM-5PM (or later if we have the momentum)
Free Pizza for helpers

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May 082013
We’re excited to announce that Instructables is sponsoring a build night at MakeIt Labs on Tuesday, May 21st, starting at 7pm.  This event is free to members and non-members, but space is limited, so please reserve a spot by claiming a ticket.

The intent is that this will become a regular monthly event, with different creative materials featured for each build night. 

This month instructables will be supplying us with Bare conductive paint

Instructables will also be buying everyone pizza, and we know how much you like pizza (empty boxes are our chief export). 

In return, we will be creating awesome instructables featuring a variety of the projects that go on at MakeIt.  If we produce enough high quality posts, we will also be eligible to receive some really cool equipment like a CO2 Laser Cutter, Industrial Sewing Machine, A/V Package, 3D Printer, Electronics package, or CNC Router! 

Come by on the 21st, get fed, try out some neat conductive paint, and make stuff!
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Apr 252013

It has been some time since we last updated the website.  MakeIt Labs members have been very busy working on many different projects.  If you have not stopped by MakeIt in some time, come on in and see all of the changes.  We have been cleaning, sorting, organizing, building things, and blowing things up (with science!). 

Clean Space Cabinets Welding Area Tool Box Cabinets Coming into the Space
Cabinets full of electronic components Welding area tools all sorted and labeled Cabinets coming into the space for future use

One of the major organizing efforts is all of the new high quality cabinets that we have in the “clean” and “dirty” spaces.  With a contact from Harvard University Recycling we were able to acquire these expensive cabinets as a donation to us.  Members went into Cambridge and brought back a truckload of them.  We have been filling them with all of the components and tools that we have in the shops.  This is a wonderful addition as it keeps them dust free and organized well.

Dec 012012
The holidays came early this year with the arrival of our brand new Makerbot Industries Replicator 2!

Makerbot Replicator 2

Unlike many of the other 3D printers geared at the hobbyist community, the Replicator 2 requires very little tinkering, adjusting, and tweaking to get high quality prints.  Here it is, hard at work printing a stretchlet: Here’s that stretchlet, along with a length of chain, nut&bolt, and comb that were all printed as test pieces on the day the machine arrived.

Comb, Stretchlet, Chain, Nut&Bolt

Access to the Replicator 2 will be free to Pro members provided they have completed the required 30 minute training course.  For Non-Pro members there will soon be a workshop posted to our Eventbrite listing.  There will be some PLA (the type of material it uses to print objects) available at MakeIt for trying out this amazing new technology.  If you have large projects or anticipate doing a lot of printing, you will need to supply your own PLA.  If you’d like to learn how to create your own 3D designs, there is a 3D Design With Sketchupworkshop scheduled for December 15th. Please see the wiki for more information on this printer. Stop by for our open house on Monday and check out the new 3D printer!
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Oct 192012
We recently performed a major overhaul to the website, including switching from a Google Sites based page to a privately hosted WordPress based one. All articles posted earlier than October 20th, 2012 can still be found at the old site by accessing it via the Google Sites link rather than our normal URL.

Old Content

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