Jillian Haffner

Apr 112014
Can go a long way in keeping your sanity when working in a community workshop. Sometimes when things get busy, tools can wander away from their flock – sometimes commingling with a nearby herd of tools. Insanity ensues when you realize you need one of the missing wanderers. Now where in this mess is my 15mm socket… ?

Of course you could paint or sharpie your tools – but that wears off too quickly. Especially if you ever clean them with a solvent. Or use them on a regular basis. Notching or grinding your initials can void warranties on tools that are under warranty. Not to mention, if they’re chrome plated, it can lead to their demise, by creating a corrosion path – ala oxidation propagation once the chrome plate is breached.

What to do? Electroplate them.

It’s super easy, takes all of 15 seconds to coat a tool, and will hang in there through repeated cleanings and some heavy use. Not to mention, it leaves your existing chrome plating intact. (and it’s reversible, should warranty day arrive!) Want to see how it’s done? Swing by MakeIt Labs this Friday evening and see it done in person. Otherwise, you can check out the posting on our Wiki Projects Page – Electroplating Tools. Starting this Saturday.
Oct 142013
We have another Build Night planed for June, Join us and explore modeling and 3D printing on the 29th.


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Apr 252013

It has been some time since we last updated the website.  MakeIt Labs members have been very busy working on many different projects.  If you have not stopped by MakeIt in some time, come on in and see all of the changes.  We have been cleaning, sorting, organizing, building things, and blowing things up (with science!). 

Clean Space Cabinets Welding Area Tool Box Cabinets Coming into the Space
Cabinets full of electronic components Welding area tools all sorted and labeled Cabinets coming into the space for future use

One of the major organizing efforts is all of the new high quality cabinets that we have in the “clean” and “dirty” spaces.  With a contact from Harvard University Recycling we were able to acquire these expensive cabinets as a donation to us.  Members went into Cambridge and brought back a truckload of them.  We have been filling them with all of the components and tools that we have in the shops.  This is a wonderful addition as it keeps them dust free and organized well.