Space Rental

MakeIt Labs offers space rental for those members who require additional personal work and storage space. All space rental is subject to board approval and space availability (i.e. it is not guaranteed ). Space rental is a Pro Member Level privilege and is on an at-will, month-to-month basis. Space rentals may be terminated with 1 month’s notice by either MakeIt Labs or the renting member. We do require a payment for the last months rent and a signed agreement with the Board of Directors once the space is approved.  Space rental comes in two flavors:

Bench Rental – $30/Month

This rental option is for a rolling 6′x3′ bench. This is a good option for members who want to have a personal workbench for tool storage, projects in progress, etc. Bench rentals require approval from a single board member. No more than one bench per member (if you need more than one bench, you probably want a plot rental anyway). Benches have a designated parking area that they must be returned to when not in use. MakeIt Labs reserves the right to move benches around the shop if we need to (fire nearby, large event planned, etc). You can either build/buy your own bench, or have us build a MakeIt Labs Specification (MIL-spec) one for you for the cost of materials. No guarantee on labor availability for bench building. If you build your own bench, it must be:
  • Able to fit within a 6′x3′ floor space and be less than 6′ tall
  • Mounted on omni-directional casters or wheels (no fixed direction casters please)
  • Sturdily constructed
  • Easily movable
Once in use, all bench contents must fit within the 6′x3′ footprint (no overhanging stuff). Robotic self-driving benches are highly encouraged.

Plot Rental – $100/Month

This rental option is for a 100ft2 plot of floor space. This is great if you have a larger project that would not be feasible with a bench rental, or if you have a lot of stuff that needs to be setup in one spot. These rentals require majority (3/5) approval from the board. Rental approval is for space only. The guarantee of any additional amenities such as excessive electricity, water, venting, etc. require a signed agreement with MakeIt Labs beyond the standard plot rental and may be subject to additional expenses. Plots will be assigned based on the intended use for the plot and available space.   We are very flexible on plot rentals and may be able to accommodate additional space or special requirements as needed.
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