Meet The Board

Adam Shrey works as a Sr. Electrical Engineer doing R&D for new products. He is most at home in a workshop, and enjoys a wide variety of hands on creative processes, including metal and wood working, welding, automotive work, electronics design and fabrication, programming, and anything else that involves putting a bunch of stuff together to make something cool. He is also interested in alternative energy, particularly solar, and has designed and installed a large PV system for his home.

Rob Riel is a maker, an inventor, a hacker and an engineer, and been that way all his life. Rob currently studies computer engineering at UMASS Lowell and specializes in embedded systems design. At heart Rob is a mechatronics engineer and enjoys welding, general metal fabrication, automotive work, as well as machining and other industrial processes. In his free time Rob is designing a large scale general purpose robotic platform, building a Jeep wrangler 4×4 and teaches Welding and Fabrication to beginners at the space.

Jillian HaffnerJillian Haffner works full time for Warner Brothers Games at Turbine Studios where she is responsible for Platform Services, Integration, and Development Operations.  Her vast experiences in electronics, software, the military, video production, and photography gives a different prospective to the board.  She has also started many companies and as she says “a few of them even made money…”.  As a board member, Jillian is currently the Director of Finance and Treasurer for MakeIt Labs.

Mike Swatko is a lifelong maker and technologist with a great depth of experience creating game-changing consumer products and expert knowledge of imaging and multimedia publishing (digital imaging, analog photography, large format and darkroom, online, and printing).  He has two US patents pending in the field of digital photography.  When exposed to sunlight Mike enjoys hiking and rock climbing.  His current fascinations are nixie tubes and fabricating metal works with MakeIt Labs’ plasma CNC machine. An avid software developer since back in the day when floppy disks were floppy, Mike is now Director of R&D at a consumer-oriented technology company in Salem NH. View Mike Swatko's LinkedIn profile

Steve Abodeely is an IT Technician for a computer education company.  He typically is taking care of various network cabling or imaging projects, and works as the IT Technician for greater Boston.  He also has experience as a 3D print service technician, an automotive parts sales manager, and even a car salesman for a brief stretch.  In his free time, Steve enjoys mountain biking, skiing, brewing beer, and going to various concerts.  At MakeIt he is most likely using the Automotive Lift, the Laser, or (more often than not) in the clean space online.  That said, with the right heads up, he’s always up to help others with projects if needed.  He is the Director of Member Relations at MakeIt Labs.
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